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Webinar Description:  There are over 85,000 man-made compounds; 3,000 of these chemicals are high volume, meaning we are all exposed to these toxicants on a regular basis in a non-occupational manner. Depuration practices need to evolve to address the steady increase in production of an ever-expanding array of chemicals.

The field of genomic medicine is rapidly growing as studies point to the health impact of genetic variations in single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs); specifically the differences in metabolism of medications and chemical compounds. This is exciting for naturopathy as it helps scientifically explain individuality of our clients and can help guide our clinical recommendations.

This lecture will scratch the surface of exciting research linking SNPs, toxicants, and nutritional and herbal depuration therapies designed for individuals. Because we treat people, not SNPs, we will also explore testing options to monitor biomarkers of toxicity and inflammation.


Speaker Bio: Dr. Nedrow has led hundreds of healthy, and unhealthy clients through her seasonal cleanse program over the past 14 years with overwhelming health benefits for participants, demonstrating that cleansing is essential for environmentally ill clients, and is also an important preventive approach for those who are well. Dr. Nedrow presents an overview of naturopathic cleansing traditions, provides scientific and empirical evidence for those practices, and outlines her program to address the profound changes in our chemical environment in the past 70 years. This presentation offers cutting edge strategies for eliminating fat-soluble chemicals and harnessing the cleaning power of the microbiota.

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