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Webinar Description: Mary Cordaro will cover the most common toxicants in the average home, and easy steps for remediating.

Mary Cordaro, trained in Baubiologie (from Germany, the science of the health of the built environment) has proved to be an invaluable resource for many physicians in the environmental medicine community. Her lectures are always rated very highly for the excellent information she presents, and this presentation is no different. Baubiologie goes beyond the idea of an environmentally safe building (which is already far different than “green” building) to focus on how to actually have buildings that promote health. Mary presents the basics of Baubiologie and then takes you through the steps involved in making the home air safe and health-promoting. She goes step-by-step through a number of areas in the home and clearly shows what to look for and provides health alternatives throughout.

Bio: Mary Cordaro is a healthy building, home and indoor environmental consultant, and a certified Baubiologist. She works to ensure that what your house is built out of, what its interiors are comprised of, and what products might be contained in it, are all as healthy as possible. For over 25 years, she has been helping create safe and healing homes for new and prospective parents who want baby to begin life in a healthy environment, and people of all ages who simply desire healthy, healing homes.  She also helps create healthy living spaces for children and adults with health conditions, or who suffer from allergies, asthma, mold, chemical and electrical sensitivities.

Mary provides consulting services around the country to homeowners, architects, interior designers, contractors and medical doctors. Her collaborative approach is unique, synthesizing both the German healthy building field of Baubiologie*, and American Building Science. For remodels and new construction, she specifies the healthiest, least toxic building and interior materials and systems. She collaborates with and often directs a world-class collaborative of environmental specialists to diagnose and solve indoor air quality and other environmental concerns in nurseries, homes and offices. Maryand her collaborative assess and remediate electromagnetic fields, chemicals and mold in existing buildings and specify preventive measures for new buildings and remodels.

*Baubiologie, an interdisciplinary field from Germany, is the study of how the build environment affects human and planetary health:

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