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Webinar Description: Choosing the toxic metal test for my patient that has the best chance to tell me what I want to know requires understanding the normal movements in time and the compartmentalization of the metal in the human body. Metals don’t all behave the same way in our bodies. While there are large similarities, there are important differences in where and for how long they compartmentalize, how they move from one compartment to another and how long this takes, what the relationship is therefore between the metal level in a measurable compartment i.e. blood or urine and metal in other compartments, etc. This is the substance of clinical metal kinetics. If I have an accurate metal exposure history from my patient and I understand the metal’s kinetics, then I can choose the lab test(s) most likely to reflect their metal exposure, past and present.

In this webinar I’ll explain general metal kinetics and make them relevant to choosing and interpreting lab tests. I’ll then walk through the selection of lab tests for several patients with arsenic, lead, or methyl-mercury exposure, explaining the kinetics of the metals and the route to choosing appropriate labs for them.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Hibbs is a clinical supervisor at Bastyr Center for Natural Health and at the community care site at the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Center. He also is a professor in the Bastyr University Department of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Hibbs has been a practicing naturopathic physician for 30 years, naturopathic educator for 27 years, and he has maintained a private practice for 25 years. In August 2014, Dr. Hibbs was chosen by his peers as one of the region’s Top Doctors in Seattle Metropolitan magazine. He also was a semifinalist in Seattle Magazine’s “Top Docs” in the alternative women’s health providers category in 2003. For more info, visit Dr. Hibbs website here.

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