FREE WEBINAR: Environmental Impact from Forest Fire Smoke- A First Aid for Our West Coast Air Quality

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Live Record Date was October 24, 2017.

Please join some of our NAEM Board Members, along with esteemed experts Walter Crinnion, Mary Cordaro and Louise Tolzmann, for this free educational and informative webinar regarding the air quality impact from the multiple-burning forest fires on the West Coast.

“The issue in California is that home fires are actually small hazmat fires. As homes burn, so do the computers, the flame retardant furniture, the stain retardant carpet (Teflon), the plastic siding and/or plastic windows and/or plastic pipes, the lead paint and the pressure treated lumber. So what is getting released is so much more than “smoke” – it includes toxic metals like arsenic & lead, as well as all of the above.
And what we know about this smoke is even more depressing: being exposed to multiple chemicals at once lowers the level needed of danger for each. And being exposed from multiple 
orafices increases the danger as well (so inhaling as well as ingestion, as well as transdermal). And transdermal of even big particles, like metals, does occur if it is hot.
We were dealing with wildfire smoke for weeks up here in Portland. I’m so sorry for what you in Cali are going through, I can only imagine. If you can – get your inside spaces as safe as possible – run filters constantly. Wash hands. Wash your food. Try to keep the dust off your body (I know that is hard when it is covering every surface). And get your detox pathway support coming in strong.” Louise Tolzmann, ND

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