About Us

The purpose of the NAEM is to disseminate knowledge and increase exposure of environmental medicine to the naturopathic and conventional medical community. The founding board of directors consists of prominent physicians and leaders in the area of environmental medicine.


Lyn Patrick, ND: President

Dr. Lyn PatrickLyn Patrick, ND graduated from Bastyr University in 1984 and has been in private practice for 27 years. She has been a faculty member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (www.acam.org) continuing medical education conferences, lecturing in the area of metal toxicology and environmental medicine and has served on the Board of Directors at ACAM. She has lectured for the Institute of Functional Medicine and many physician membership organizations nationally and internationally on the subject of environmental medicine and is currently faculty for the Environmental Medical Training Course through Progressive Medical Education and has taught with Walter Crinnion ND for the Certification Course in Environmental Medicine.

Dr. Patrick is a published author of numerous articles in peer-reviewed medical journals and has been a longtime Contributing Editor for Alternative Medicine Review, a Medline-indexed journal of complementary/alternative medical research (www.altmedrev.com)


Bonnie Nedrow, ND: Vice President

Dr. NedrowBonnie Nedrow ND serves clients of all ages Ashland, Oregon where she works as a primary care doctor and a leader of several wellness programs. She lectures nationally to the public and her peers on detoxification, impacts of environmental medicine on reproductive health, and preconception optimization. She has co-published The Cleanse Companion Cookbook and The Seasonal Cleanse Workbook, and is currently writing her third book, The Seven Strategies of Detoxification. BonnieND.com

Christina Youngren, ND: Treasurer

Dr. Christina YoungrenChristina Youngren is a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM). She completed a one-year fellowship in Environmental Medicine at SCNM. She currently holds an adjunct faculty position at the Southwest College Naturopathic Medical Center (SCNMC) where she oversees patient-based 21-day group cleanses. In the fall of 2013, she helped to establish the first-ever tele- conference clinic rotation at SCNMC where she holds an adjunct clinical faculty position and oversees an environmental medicine clinic rotation. Her private practice is located in San Francisco, CA. The focus of her practice is Environmental Medicine, Women’s Health, Preconception Care/Fertility, and the use of intravenous nutrient therapy. She is committed to helping her patients prevent the deleterious effects of environmental factors on their health, especially when it comes to hormone imbalances, preconception care, and pregnancy. She is a guest lecturer at San Francisco State University and around the San Francisco Bay and Phoenix Area.

John Hibbs, ND: Secretary

Dr. HibbsDr. Hibbs graduated from John Bastyr College and has been licensed in Washington since 1983. He is a senior member of the Clinical Faculty at Bastyr University Kenmore-Seattle campus, and served as a Director for National Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination (NPLEX) Board for 8 years. Dr. Hibbs teaches Environmental Medicine, Toxicology, and Depuration Therapy in Bastyr’s School of Naturopathic Medicine, including all core competencies and an elective on the Toxicology and Management of Metals. He supervises specialty clinics in Environmental Medicine at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Seattle since 2005.

Anne Marie Fine, ND: Director

Dr. FineDr. Fine is a licensed naturopathic doctor in California and Arizona. She graduated with high academic honors from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ in 2000. Dr. Fine has published articles in peer-reviewed medical journals and lectures nationally and internationally on environmental medicine topics. She is especially sensitive to the weighty effects of today’s myriad chemical ingredients found in personal care products on developing fetuses, babies, children, and adults. Dr. Fine lives and practices in Newport Beach, CA.

Tina Beaudoin, ND: Director

TinaTina Beaudoin, ND is a graduate of Bastyr University. She practices in Manchester, NH with a focus on environmental medicine and mental health. Since 2012, Dr. Beaudoin has been serving as the President of New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors. She is also the Senior Medical Educator at Emerson Ecologics where she brings her passion for the importance of clean ingredients and quality testing to the supplement industry. Dr. Beaudoin enjoys writing as well as public and corporate speaking to increase public and practitioner awareness about the significant impact of environmental toxins in health and wellness.

Doug Cutler, ND: Director

DougDr. Cutler received his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and his Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University. Dr. Cutler has obtained post-doctorate and extensive training in environmental medicine under the pioneering and leading experts in the field of medicine. Dr. Cutler also serves on the Board of Directors for the Naturopathic Academy of Environmental Medicine.

Dr. Cutler’s expertise is in discovering the root cause of illness while not only treating the symptoms – which are often the combination of factors; such as nutritional or biochemical dysfunctions, life style, genetics, environmental toxins, as well as the mind, emotions, and beliefs. Dr. Cutler works closely with our Medical Director, board certified physician, Dr. Abbiss, to ensure standards in patient care.

Beth Gillespie, NC: Director

Beth Gillespie is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. She is known as an expert in the field of nutrition, serving both health care practitioners and their patients. Beth teaches women how to reclaim their energy, focus, and ideal body composition with changes in lifestyle and dietary habits.

In addition to working with women on an individual basis, Beth offers group programs that empower women to make lifestyle changes, including her highly successful cleanse programs.

Beth combines the best of science, advancements in technology, and a holistic approach to help her clients figure out their unique nutritional needs and get the results they want more quickly. Beth received her Environmental Medicine certification in 2015 and is now teaching her clients how to reduce exposure to environmental toxins that have a significant impact on energy levels, brain health, hormone balance, and overall vitality. She also completed Dr. Dale Bredesen’s practitioner training in late 2016 on how to reverse Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease by addressing the underlying causes.

Beth is inspired by her own quest for optimal health and shares her passion with anyone that is ready to make a change for a more energized life! Her personal interests include hiking, reading, yoga, cooking, spiritual growth, live music, and vacations in tropical places!

Katherine Carvlin, MS, ND

Katherine L. Carvlin is a naturopathic physician and nutritionist with a family practice specializing in environmental medicine.  She has additional degrees in nutrition a

nd psychology and has worked in the health industry since 2012.  Dr. Carvlin believes that preventing chronic disease by making healthy lifestyle choices and reducing exposure to environmental toxicants will lead to better health outcomes for the whole family.

She emphasizes the use of diet and lifestyle, botanicals, IV therapy, hydrother

apy, and physical medicine in her practice.  Her clinical specialties include: environmental medicine (i.e. allergies and asthma, mold-related illness, heavy metal toxicity, multiple chemical sensitivity, occupational exposure), fertility and preconception care, women’s health, GI conditions and digestive health, nutrition assessments and weight management, and autoimmune conditions. Dr. Carvlin is passionate about helping families have happy, healthy lives.